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How To Become A Freelance Copywriter [5 Easy Ways]

Copywriting is one of the most admired careers or we can say profitable business to start in today’s world. Freelance Copywriting becomes the craziest job among the new generation.

They take it as a serious career and it might be best for your career or part-time job. So read this article carefully. 

Demand for copywriters is very high at present time. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost every type of industry has become affected but the Industry of freelance copywriting is booming day by day.

Before getting into the freelance copywriting business, we must have proper knowledge about the freelance copywriting industry.

Before we get directly into “How to Become a Freelance Copywriter” topic, let’s clear the doubt about the term Freelance and Copywriter. 

What is a freelance copywriter?

The term freelance represents, “The person who is self-employed and is hired by different companies for particular works. AND, the word Copywriter means, “A person who writes something about a specific topic for advertisements or anything else. 

A Freelance Copywriter is a person who is hired by a company or person to write something on a specific topic for the commercial purpose of the company or person and of course, freelance copywriters are paid for every project. 

What does a Freelance copywriter do?

The job of a freelance copywriter is to write words on specific topics as demanded by the client. Freelance copywriters have the ability to write content on a variety of topics but every freelance copywriter has knowledge in a specific field only (any field, in which they are more interested).  

According to their expertise, Freelance copywriters can write their content on the following Context or Purpose. 

  • Advertisement Content 
  • Website Content & Blog Writing
  • Social Media content 
  • Speech Writing 
  • Articles
  • SEO Writing

There are many other contexts where freelance copywriters are required. Contexts mentioned above are very common in the copywriting field. 

What types of copywriting is for you?

There are many types of copywriting that are already mentioned in the above point but the question is which type of copywriting is best for you. You can choose any type of copywriting according to your knowledge and interest.

Simply, You can choose the types in which you are more interested. Interest is a great factor in a copywriting job. Suppose If you are interested in the tech field, you can write blog posts for tech websites. So, try copywriting jobs according to your interest.  

How to become a freelance copywriter?

freelance copywriter

There are no proven ways/methods to become a freelance copywriter. You can start it in your own way. You just need your personal computer and a huge interest in copywriting.

Becoming a copywriter is easy but to become a good and well-known copywriter is not easy. To become a good copywriter, you need knowledge of writing and many other things. 

As I said above, there are no proven methods to become a freelance copywriter but the following mentioned points will help you to improve your copywriting skills and help you to become a good freelance copywriter.

#1 – Learn the Basics of Good Writing.

What you wrote in your content must influence the readers and this is the only example of good writing. Before getting into copywriting jobs, you must have knowledge about writing skills.

Your each word in the content must be easy to understand and influence the people. Don’t try to copy other writing ideas, just take ideas from them and create your own writing style. 

Good writing also means a piece of content with a sweet paragraph. Remember! All paragraphs must be interconnected which will keep the reader retention.

Don’t make your content too lengthy and out of the topic. Make it as short as possible without taking it out of the topic. This is one of the basics to become a successful copywriter.

#2 – Learn Core Copywriting Skills.

Core copywriting skills will help you to grow in the freelance copywriting market. Core copywriting skills means knowing how copywriting is done in a particular field.

Suppose, you are copywriting for a video script. In this case, you should have knowledge about how video scripts are written and what factors make video scripts better and easy to present.  

It’s not necessary to know the core copywriting of every field. You just need knowledge of core copywriting of two or three fields according to your interest.

Here, we have listed some of the copywriting skills and if you want to make money then, you should have knowledge about core copywriting skills.

  • Learn how sales emails are written.
  • Learn how video scripts are written.
  • Learn how blog posts are written for tech websites.
  • Learn how advertisements are written.
  • Learn how land pages are written.

#3 – Increase Your Researching Capacity.

To become a copywriter, you must be good at research. You must do research, before writing on any topic. Good research will help you to make your content better than others.

Every copywriter does research before they write something. They spend more time on research than writing which makes their content better than others. 

You have to do research before starting writing even if you are an expert in that field. You must look into other content also to make your content better than them. During the research, you will also get an idea of how to start and end your content sweetly.

If you do more research before starting writing your client will be happy with your work and give you more jobs. During the research, you must consume as much content as possible, not just by reading them.

You have to refine their content and data’s which actually help you to write your content and Be Aware of fake facts present in other content. 

#4 – Gain Experience by Working with Clients.

Experience comes with time and it is the teacher of all things. Copywriting field also needs experience. In the early days, you have to work hard to make money from this field because every client needs experience.

So, start freelance copywriting jobs from smaller projects at less charge. This will increase your chances to get your first job in copywriting. 

You have to also make your portfolio diversified to attract more clients in the early days. You can start your job career from four or five copywriting fields(those we have already discussed above) and this will also help you to get all over the experience of freelance copywriting jobs.

 After the experience of some time, you may choose your particular or interested field and fix your own rates for each task. In the initial days, clients will not directly come to you for a job.

To get work, you may join freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or any others. Before joining these freelancing websites, you have to make your social media look professional.

#5 – Build a Good Relationship with Clients.

If you don’t treat your client well then, how good you are at your work doesn’t make any sense. The client will never give you the work again.

You must be good at building good relationships with your potential clients. A good relationship with clients gives you more jobs from which you can make more from freelance copywriting. 

To make your relationship good with the prospective client, you should try the following mentioned points.

  • Speak nicely to the client every time.
  • Listen to your client and understand what they want from you.
  • Finish the project on time.
  • Give your best on the project.

If you follow these points, you will make your relation good with your clients and obviously. 

Final Words

Here I’m ending this article with the great hope that this article guides you about freelance copywriting and have helped you to start your own freelance copywriting business.

Following all these steps will definitely help you to become one of the successful freelance copywriters in the market.

Also hoping that this article helps you to find all your queries about freelance copywriting. Tell us in the comment box about, which types of freelance copywriting are you going to do? And which one is good for you also. 

Thank you for your great time. Have a nice day! 


  1. How much do freelance copywriters earn? 

Actually, it depends upon how much time they give into it. On average, freelance copywriters easily make $ 30k to 50K per year. Earnings of freelance copywriters also depend upon the project and clients from developed countries spend more on projects which definitely increases the earnings of copywriters.  

  1. Where can I learn copywriting for free?

You can find many free courses of copywriting on various online platforms like Udemy, Edx, Skillshare, Udacity, Coursera, Bitdegree, QuickStart, Eduonix, YouTube, etc. you can easily learn copywriting using courses available in these platforms. 

  1. How much should I charge per 1000 words? 

If you are a beginner in this field, you can charge $ 0.04-0.05 per word. After getting some experience in the copywriting field, you can charge $70-80 per 1000 word article. 

  1. Can you be a freelance copywriter with no experience? 

Of Course, you can be a freelance copywriter with no experience. Everyone has no experience in starting days. You have to work hard and increase your skills day by day to become successful.  

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