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How to Become A Professional Organizer [7 Best Skills]

While we visit offices, homes, apartments where we can clearly see the things are organized and put in the order where they need to be. This made a satisfying seeing well-organized pantry full of shelves lined with labeled baskets, color-coordinated canned, matching jars, managed space and we wish our home or apartment should be the same.

We make organized home, apartment or offices by buying the most popular organizing products online or offline but the easiest way to do it is by hiring a professional organizer. Professional organizer helps you turn a messy place into an mind-blowing worthy space.  

Today we are talking about how to become a professional organizer. Please go through the article and find out how you can become a professional organizer.

Before we go through ways to become a professional organizer you need to know about what is a professional organizer and their roles.

What is a professional organizer ?

A professional organizer is a profession where a person helps you to organize any of the digital and physical spaces in your life.

Another role of the professional organizer is to support client evaluation, decision-making and analyze data to achieve desired outcomes regarding clarity and functioning.

What does a professional organizer do?

Professional Organizers  helps their clients to reduce excessive clutter in their office or in their home. They offers a wide range of services such as organizing a cross-country move, designing a functional closet and many more.

Professional Organizers can plan and reorganize the room space, coach them in time management or ultimate goal setting, improve their paper management for homeowners.

In business organization, they can help their client to develop the critical organizing skills in both the business owner and employee through training, manage their employee time, increase productivity of the company by organizing project and making the right business plan.  

Is Professional Organizing Business worth starting?

Yes, it is definitely a worthy business to start, as everyone and every organizations need to organize their time, money, space, etc. in a way that they can be more productive. So, there comes the work of professional organizers.

Professional Organizing Industry is one of the fastest growing industry and one of the most profitable businesses so you can also give it a try and show your organizing skills. 

How to become a Professional Organizer?

1. Get coaching from another organizer

Get Coaching

The best way to become a professional organizer is to get some coaching from another organizer either online or offline.

If you are connected to a well experienced professional organizer, you will know what problems are coming in the future and you can be prepared for that.

There is also a post for an assistant professional organizer. You can apply for that and you will learn everything about the professional organizer work and how they do it.

As you all know that before we go for any job, you get some knowledge about that sector from university level or college level or training. So, to become a good and well professional organizer, you first need to get coaching from another organizer.

Just see how other professional organizers do their job and how they solve the space problem. See that and increase your problem solving skills that can help you to become a professional organizer.

2. Do freebies if necessary

Before starting a business professionally, we need to do some freebies to get the experience and a great portfolio.

If you want to get great project at initial phase, you can do freebies only.  By this, you will get work and after finishing the work, you can put your work on social media or on your website which can increase your value and chance of getting big project near the future.

It is ok at the initial phase to invest some money on other projects because as much experience you gain on those freebies will be so valuable to set up your business. 

Becoming a well experienced professional organizer needs to have experience and skill of problem solving which we’ll get only by doing some work like freebies. It’s hard to do professional organizing things in the initial phase.

After doing a project, you get some knowledge and learn how to solve space problems as well as how to use minimum space so that it looks better. The person who hires the professional organizer is afraid to get that project to begin with, so to increase the chance of getting a project you can offer them freebies. 

3. Multi-tasking Prowess/SkillsA man is doing a multi-task

To be a well experienced professional organizer, you need to have multitasking ability. And there comes a time when you become a lot busy to fulfill the demand of all the clients so you need to have multi-tasking skills.

Only specific knowledge is dangerous in all businesses. You need to have a wide range of knowledge which is really helpful for multitasking. 

Multi-tasking for the professional organizer means doing the recent project as well as doing some other things like researching if it needs any improvising and also managing the sources. Multi-tasking saves a lot of time and energy so it’s better to learn how to multitask.

If you are beginners, you don’t need to multitask, just only focus on the work to get perfect results but you can slowly apply multitasking. Managing the human sources and other resources at the same time is the required full skill and it comes under multitasking.

4. Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Before entering the professional organizer, you need to have high quality problem solving skills. Professional organizers always use their problem solving skills to solve issues like space management as well as resources managing and other issues.

To increase your problem solving skills you can get training or coaching from experienced people. Some people are born with great problem solving skills so that makes it beneficial for them. Also they always try to solve problems in less time than others which makes an impression on the client.

Clients always want to solve their problem in less time than they expect as well as in less resources but want higher performance. So, to meet the client requirement, you need to have greater problem solving skills that can apply in real life.

Doing this, will make the client happy and they will refer others also that help you to increase your business. Professional organizers have to make things organized which require highly problem solving skills to meet the client requirement, so before entering, always try to find a new method to solve the problem.

5. Know what kind of organizer you want to be

Knowing Your Business

Always make sure which specific field you want to go and choose wisely so that you don’t have regrets in the future.

In the professional organizer, there are a lot of types like Residential organizing, Business organizing, paper management, home office systems, time management and others.

So, you need to make clear which types you wanna choose. Always make sure that you have all the knowledge that is required for that specific professional organizer company

All the different types of professional organizer have different roles as well as their salary. To earn a good income, you need to have knowledge of all types of professional organizer so that clients don’t need to hire other types of professional organizers.

To be a well qualified professional organizer, you need to have experience as well as the satisfying customer. All of these things happen when you choose wisely which kind of professional organizer you want. 

6. Discretion

A girl is talking to another girl with discretion

If you are thinking what Discretion means, it is the quality of speaking or behaving in such a way that to avoid confidential information. Professional organizers have to do some important (and  confidential) paperwork such as contracts, bills and doctor’s notes so it’s a job for professional organizers to save all the information.

Many professional organizers always stress that if someone exposes sensitive information, so the professional organizers need to have quality of carefulness to save all information that they have.

Professional organizers have the responsibility to maintain some safety measure because their confidential work or paperwork always need to be save so that any people or group of people can’t steal it neither from online nor from offline.

Professional organizer always tries to solve the client issue in less time and sometimes they forget about the safety issue so to be a professional organizer, you need to avoid these kinds of things. 

7. Best website portfolio and don’t need to ignoring social media 

Always take some photos of your happy customers, so that you can put that photo on your website which will really make a good impression to the visitors.

To increase the traffic on your site, you can start doing some blogging that would increase the traffic as people love the story and visitors also want to know how well you treat them.

Due to all kinds of information available on the internet, people always compare which will provide great service at great price, so always try to remember these things and put some great deals on your site. 

These days, social media is the great tool to do business because all the people are engaging on social media all the time. So try to be on all social media platforms and keep your clients up to date.

To become a well experienced professional organizer, you need to have some knowledge of maintaining social media and websites so you can attract more people in this modern world. 

Final Words

So, these are some of the ways that can build your professional organizer career. But, remember, these only are not ones, there are others too. If you want to become successful and advanced organizers then you should definitely learn about other things also so that you can get amazing clients.

Learning about business setting and business process, knowing your potential clients and and your average cost to start a business and knowing how the organizational systems works are some of the other things you can do. You can learn all these skills from books or from any online courses.

This flexible business will be one of the successful careers in upcoming days but always remember that the main keys to making a good professional organizer career is to have great courage, consistency, patience, no fear of failure and keep trying something new.

Tell us does this article helps you to know about becoming a professional and personal organizer in the comment section. And also share a experience of how well is it easy to implement, so that other fellow readers will get benefit from it.  Thank You!

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