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Top 10 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners 2022

Are you interested in earning money online?

But don’t know how to do it? Then don’t worry, today we are going to tell you about the top 10 best freelancing websites for beginners to earn money easily from online. 

Before moving to an article if you don’t know what freelance websites are?

Basically, these are websites where you can earn money by completing the projects given by employers. You can easily get jobs on the basis of your skills and experience

But, for freelancing beginners, it can be quite challenging to get jobs as they don’t have a nice portfolio. As you invest your time in building a nice portfolio and learn new skills then you can easily get jobs on freelance sites. 

Freelancing is one of the most important things in today’s world because it diversifies your income. You can choose your own job and you can do it from anywhere in the world so that it releases work pressure from you. It can be a support to your financial life.   

So, we are going to discuss about some of the freelance job sites in this article where you can grow your freelance career as freelance designers, freelance developers, and many more and become freelance professionals in your field.

You will get many freelance opportunities on these freelance websites. These freelance job sites provide a platform for freelance talent who can build their freelance business and provide people an excellent freelance service.       

Here is the list of the top 10 best freelancing websites for beginners 2022:

10. Flexjobs


Flexjobs is one of the fastest-growing and best freelancing websites for beginners and also for professionals who want to work online.

It is considered as one of the best platform for beginners as freelance worker where they can find different types of jobs.

Just like most of the other freelancing websites, its main objective is to make working flexible for brands and organizations where millions of people can work from any part of the world. 

You will easily find part-time jobs and part-time professional freelancers at Flexjobs. There are more than 50 job categories in it such as freelancing writing jobs, freelance developer, and copywriting.

You can easily make your profile on these freelance job sites by filling up your personal details and contact details so the profile-making process is simple and easy here.

You will also get email alerts when someone posts a new job. Get full access at $14.95/month to its various skill tests, a huge network of employers, and many more.

9. 99Designs


99Designs is well-known and one of the best freelancing sites for creative designers. If you are good at designing websites, logos, book covers, WordPress templates, YouTube thumbnails, etc then this is one of the best sites for you. 

99Designs is one of the best freelancing platforms for connecting clients with graphic designers. It helps freelance graphics designers, businesses, and even large studios to connect with each other and helps in business.

There are various job categories for website design, logo design, and many more. You have to pay a platform fee which depends upon your level. It has four locations in 4 different continents worldwide. 

8. Writer Access

Writer Access

Writer Access is a freelancing website where you will find many freelance writers, editors, translators, proofreaders as well as content strategists. It is a writing agency with great brands as its clients.   

Writer Access lets their freelancers post talent profiles which also includes portfolios for clients to see it and then they contact you for jobs according to your skills.

It offers content creation tools that include research, keyword optimization, analytics, Getty images, and easy order forms. 

It has various audio, visual, and audio-visual contents that will help both marketers and creatives. One of the best things is that you can download this content for free.

After joining Writer Access, you will be part of one of the best-managed writing agencies and best freelancing websites for beginners.



Guru which was founded in 1998 is a freelance marketplace. It is an online clearinghouse for high tech workers who are seeking short term contracts and it is founded by Jon and James Slavet.  

Guru is one of the freelancing websites which allows you to create a profile portfolio that eventually shows your past work and experience. So, it makes it easier for employers to know about your work and skills and able to contact you for jobs.

After you join, you will be part of more than 3 million talented freelancers from all around who are working in different job categories such as writing, web development, architecture, and many more. 

6. SimplyHired


SimplyHired is a mobile application and an freelance sites which is based in California, US. It was founded in 2003.

Basically, it collects job lists from thousands of websites and freelance job boards which then advertises on its mobile app and website.

In SimplyHired, you will get a wide variety of jobs. It helps you to find jobs in more than 24 countries all across the world. It also offers work in 12 different languages so you don’t have to worry.

It provides services like resume upload, job search, email alerts, trending companies from its EBI (Employer Brand Index), custom profiles, location information in the US, and job-search advice for job seekers.

5. Toptal


Toptal is a global company that helps businesses to connect with software developers, business consultants, and designers.

It is one of the best websites when it comes to financing, design, and software development freelancing jobs. It is one of the best freelancing platform for the people from developer community and creative community.

Toptal is the 5th  best freelancing websites for beginners due to the services and features it provides. You can join it for free but you have to pass their screening process before getting unparalleled access to millions of projects that have fair compensation.

You should bids for relevant projects that match your skills so that your chance of getting that meaningful projects will be high.

Toptal is a huge network for product managers, finance experts, etc where you will find numerous industries like e-commerce, healthcare, banking, and many more to do jobs. 

4. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is a freelancing company based in the UK that provides an online platform to creative people who want to work as a freelancer.

It was founded by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris in 2007. 

It has more than 1.5 million experienced freelancers connected with it and has paid more than 135 million euro to successful freelancers who have successfully completed their projects so far.

It helps millions of freelancers who want to work to connect with clients and allows them to showcase their talent to get hired and earn.

You can freely join PeoplePerHour which means you don’t have to pay to join and work on it. But, if you want to get some additional features then you can have to upgrade by paying the price of this freelance hub.

There are different plans like monthly, one-time, and quote based payments.  

3. Upwork


Upwork is a cloud-deployed global freelancing website which is one of the largest job finders in the world. It is one of the fastest-growing, best, and most used freelance websites.

It is based in San Francisco, California, and Santa Clara which has more than 5 million clients and millions of freelancers that are freelance gigs.

It is the world’s largest freelance marketplace with more than 3 million jobs posted annually, worth $1 Bn USD.

Upwork offers you a wide range of jobs from short to long term projects, hourly to fixed projects, and entry-level to expert level projects.

You can become a freelancer in Upwork for free. But, to use additional features, you have to upgrade your plan to a plus plan which is worth $10/month. It will charge a 20% platform fee for every project you get. 


Freelancer was founded in 2009 which is a Crowdsourcing marketplace website of Australia.

Its network is spread in more than 245 countries and its headquarters is situated in Sydney, Australia along with offices in London, Jakarta, Vancouver, Manila, and Buenos Aires. is a freelance job websites that allows employers to post jobs on their site in which other freelancers can bid on it to get a project.

It also allows its members to host contests such as design contests in which prize money is given as a reward. More than 44 million people are registered on only takes a 10% fee which you can reduce to a minimum fee of $5 with a paid monthly membership.


1. Fiverr


Fiverr is one of the best freelancing websites for beginners as well as experts which also ranks top in our list. It is the best freelance platform that is designed to help freelancers to get the best freelance work.

It is becoming more popular among freelancers as it only charges freelancers a minimal fee which makes it a lot easier to find jobs.    

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is one of the first choices of users nowadays. It is an online marketplace that provides a platform for people who want to work from anywhere in the world.

One of the best features of Fiverr is you don’t have to wait for 10 days or 30 days, you will be paid instantly after you complete customers’ project. 

Final Words

So that’s it in this article guys. Being a freelancer provides you more flexibility and freedom while choosing your next job. These job sites also provide huge benefits to the students who want to earn while studying by giving them a job opportunities.  

It can be helpful for new freelancers who don’t know much about these websites. All the websites listed above are great but if you want to know our opinion then we will suggest Fiverr,, and Upwork.

You can also try other websites. Thank you guys for your patience. Hope you enjoy reading this article and know something informative and useful. 

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