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How To Become An Online Reseller [7 Best Ways]

The report published by Amazon on 1st quarter of 2022 shows that about 55% paid units sold on their online reseller which is increasing day by day. This report suggests that people are moving from offline to an online marketplace to buy products.

Everyday our life becomes very busy and we don’t want to waste our time on small things so to save that time people prefer online shopping. 

Today we will see how to become an online reseller so be ready to become an online reseller and earn money that you wish for.  For the enterprise level to the professional level first you need to have good knowledge of how business works.

Before we go through how to become an online reseller you need to know about what is  online reselling.

What is an online reseller?

Online reseller is the platform where the owner purchases products from manufacturers, liquidators, or other retailers and then sells them to their own customers.

Nowadays online resellers are usually not product-focused and they sell a wide variety of products via their business model. Always remember it’s very hard to single person operate the online reseller so here we are talking about the company. 

How to become an online reseller?

1. Making Attractive and User-friendly Websites or Apps

Making attracting and user friendly websites or apps

To do a business online, you need to have a user friendly website that can handle a lot of customers at once. People don’t like technical faults on an ecommerce site so before releasing any online reselling site do as much as test.

Make the websites/Apps simple ,hassle free and user friendly so visitors can easily navigate what they want to do. If you have knowledge of web development and have experience with commercial sites you can build yourself.

Always make sure that all your products are genuine and in perfect condition that makes it easy to gain customers’ trust. Always update the apps/websites with new features that can easily attract visitors. Apps need to be compatible so that all the people can download it and install it. 

Websites/Apps need to be geolocation friendly which help to recommend customers trending products on their location and track their order. Always update your products so that customers easily get what they want.

2. Inventory Management Skills 

Inventory Managements skills 


The item which you collect from the distributor or manufacturer needs to have been stored in your warehouse. The items then need to be wrapped and labeled with the customer’s address so that the delivered man easily finds out where they need to deliver that item.

Always separate the fragile items and non-fragile items so that the product can reach safely. 

Nowadays companies hire data analysts and buy Inventory management software so all the things are done by software. Data analysts found out which products are selling more with that data they help to manage inventory. 

If you are thinking why online resellers need warehouses to understand these, if your product demand is less than its ok you can directly supply the customer’s product from the manufacturer, but if your product demand is high so it may be difficult in the supply chain.

To overcome the supply issue, you need to have a warehouse so all the products are directly delivered from one place that makes it easy and cheap. 

3. Collaborate with Payment Gateways 

Collaborate with payment gateways 

The different survey shows that the people prefer online payment rather than physical cash payment. Online resellers need to have the facility of online payment gateways so that the customer can pay with their preferred payment gateways.

It also makes it easy for those customers who want to give gifts to their desired person from abroad. To encourage digital payment many online retailers provide attractive offers for those who do online payments.

You can do this by collaborating with local payments gateways and international payments gateways. After collaborating with the payment gateways they provide API which helps to integrate payment gateways into online reseller systems. 

Online payment gateways can increase the number of customers and the offers that use digital transactions help to attract customers.

Nowadays customers are so clever they compare the product quality and price to other online retailers so always try to attract those customers by providing discounts on online transactions. Please also hire a security checker to make online translation safe and reliable.

4. Knowledge about Digital Marketing

Knowledge about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the way of promoting your online reseller business on a digital platform like Facebook Marketplace, YouTube, Instagram, etc with the help of digital marketing agencies.

It is a popular medium to promote your business due to its accurate audience targeting facility. 

Nowadays every person spends their time on social media about a certain time so to utilize this you can advertise your business on such a platform by paying a certain amount of money.

By advertising on that digital platform it can give accurate data on how many people see your advertisement. Also, you can target the audience by choosing the age, gender, location, etc which is totally worth it for the money that you are paying for the advertisement. 

In Old traditional ways, their people advertise their business on TV, Radio, etc which is very expensive as well as you can’t see how many people are watching your advertisement.

So always try to advance your business with new traditions so that there will be more involvement of the people.

5. Understand the compensation model 

Understand the compensation model 

Before starting the business, always understand how the business can earn profit and how you can build trust with the customers.

If we see the recent scenario, online resellers get compensation either by “buy rate” or a “percentage” model. The more you buy products from the manufacturers you get more bonuses and discounts.

Always remember that the cost of 1 item is more than the cost of a dozen of that item so when you buy the more you gain the more profit. This buy rate model applies to every business on a product base so in this online reseller you can get compensation on the basis of the buy rate.

The percentage model is the way of business compensation where products companies give you the product and after selling the product you gain profit from that product. The company just gives the product to your online reseller sites and you get profit as the reward of putting their product on your site. 

Always remember that the profit amount is less when you start the business so don’t be distracted from that after gaining popularity and trust we will earn more profits.

Always try to gain trust from customers because online reseller’s products need to be bought from time to time so every customer is valuable to you.

6. Get a Reseller Permit 

Get reseller permit 

You need to register your business in the country where you are doing your online reseller business. Getting a business license is easy and different from country to country. 

You need to research state laws and regulations because there are different laws from country to country.

Doing anything without the permission of the government is illegal so always get a permit from the government whatever business you do. Tax rates and other documents are different from country to country so always try to research those things.

Online reselling is not easy as you think you need to have proper documentation and permit to do it.

Just developing the app and building a website is not enough to start an online reseller, you need to gain permission to do online reselling from the government. If you fail to do that, the government will take legal action and can stop your business.

7. Connection with Manufacturer or Distributor 

Connection with manufacturer or distributor 

Online reseller is the platform where the different kinds of products are put on the sites so it’s important to always be connected to the manufacturers of the company.

The resources of the online reseller are always the manufacturer so keep in mind that and always connected to the manufacturer. If you have contact with the manufacturer it’s great you get the product at a cheap rate rather than the distributors.

For beginners, it’s hard to get products directly from the manufacturers because at the first time the quantity is low so manufactures would disagree. So if you are connected to the manufacturers, you are in luck. 

Giant online retailers like Flipkart, amazon analyze the data and manufacture the products that are selling in huge amounts. The company profits depend also on how well you know a manufacturer, so It’s important to have good relationships with manufacturers.

Online resellers need to have advanced technology so that they collect the information and analyze how much product needs to buy from manufacturers to avoid damage also from the expiration. 

Final words

Thank you for reading this article. In our view, an online reselling business will be the most profitable business in the near future due to the busyness of the people.

So, it is a great opportunity for you to start your own online resale business and become a successful reseller in the market. This online reselling business of yours can be one of the best sources of income for you in which you will get a huge profit margin.

If you want to become one of the best resellers online then above mentioned ways might not be enough but they will definitely help you to start your business.

So, to grow your online reselling business and reach new heights then you must need to learn and do research more about it.  

“Always think big and do wise decision “


  1. Did online reseller completely done through online or offline business?

    Online reseller isn’t completely a online business, its just a platform you made for consumers to do easily shopping. For storage and delivery things, you need to have physical office.

  2. What academics qualification you need to have to open a online reseller?

    You didn’t need any academics qualification to do a online reseller but you need to have experienced and skill.

  3. How much the revenue you got from the online reseller?

    The honest answer was that it depends on the how much sell you do and which product are selling more.

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