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Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World to Visit [2022]

Our whole Earth is decorated by Nature. Nature makes this World beautiful. Everything that we see in our surroundings is especially gifted by nature and this is the most beautiful thing in this world. The beauty of nature in this world can attract anyone.

Everyone in the world wants to visit the natural beauties of this world at least once in their lifetime by traveling to different countries. They wanted to feel the adventures of nature in their boring life at least once a year.

Many countries of this world have been specially gifted by nature on natural beauties. Although the whole world is especially gifted and decorated by nature, some of the countries in this world are really more blessed by nature. Natural Beauties of these countries can attract everyone’s eyes and hearts.

Plan your trip to these most beautiful countries in the world so that you can get glimpse of nature and heal yourself.

Here is list of the top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World to visit 2022:

10. Nepal 


Nepal is one of the most beautiful mountainous countries which is located in South Asia. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. The total area of Nepal is 147,516 Sq. Km. Nepal shares its boundaries with China on the Northside and India from the east, west, and south.

Nepal is generally known as Home of Buddha (land of peace) and home of Everest ( Highest peak in the world ). This beautiful nation also has a huge natural variety with a peaceful environment.

Nepali Mountains

Some of the naturally beautiful places in Nepal are Mount Everest (Sagarmatha in local language), Rara lake, Mustang, Phoksundo lake, Tilicho lake, Gosaikunda lake, Annapurna base camp, Sarang Kot, Phewa lake, Khaptad national park, Chitwan national park and many more.

Pokhara is one of the natural beautiful city of Nepal with many varieties of natural resources where you can play adventurous games like paragliding, bungee jumping, and many more in nature. Nepal is also diverse in culture, arts, and topography.

One to visit  Nepal gets the  beautiful memories of mountain peaks, dense forests, blue waters, natural landscapes, beautiful lakes, cultural heritage, incredible diversity, amazing scene, different natural wonders and many more for a lifetime.

If you are an adventure seekers then you should definitely make trip to this beautiful country and explore its natural beauty.

9. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful southern countries of Africa. Its major administrative cities are  Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

This beautiful country shares its boundary with Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe on the Northside, Mozambique, and Eswatini in the Eastside, and on other sides, it touches the ocean. The total area of South Africa is 2,798 Sq.Km.

In natural beauty, South Africa is also one of the richest countries in the world.

South Africa

Some of the naturally beautiful places of South Africa are Kruger National park, Table Mountain National Park, Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, Cango Caves, Hout Bay, Knysna Heads, Pilanesberg National Park, Sudwala Caves, Garden Route National Park, Noordhoek Beach, Twelve Apostles, Tugella Falls and many more.

South Africa is a country of natural variety where we found beautiful caves, forests, and wild animals, islands, rivers, beach, and mountains. South Africa’s beautiful nature can attract anyone in the world.

8. Brazil


Brazil is one of the most beautiful and largest countries in South America and the capital of Brazil is Brasilia. This beautiful nation shares its boundaries with Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of 8.5 Million Sq.Km.

Some of the most beautiful natural places of Brazil are Iguazu Falls, Sugarloaf Mountain, Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros, Dunas de Genipabu, Lago Negro, Lagoa do Paraiso, Parque Estadual do Caracol, Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park, Catarata dos Couros, Rio de Janeiro and many more.


Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park is one of the beautiful places in Brazil which is the home to clear waters, marine, beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches as well as wild beaches.

Brazil is also a country of the Great Amazon river and Amazon forest. The beauty of these amazing places makes Brazil one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

7. Italy


Italy is also one of the most beautiful southern European countries whose capital city is Rome. Italy shares its boundaries with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia on the Northern side and the remaining sides share its boundaries with the sea.

This European country is regarded as the historical country in the world as it has Leaning Tower of Pisa and many other things but it is also rich in natural resources. Italy is the only country in the world which is rich in both natural resources and arts.


Some of the naturally beautiful places in Italy are Lake Garda, Positano, Capri, Cinque Terre, Sorrento, and many more. Cinque is one of the coolest and amazing places in Italy and you will see the beautiful hill and also can do hiking there. All over, Italy will give you the best comfortable adventure in your lifetime.

6. Vietnam


Vietnam is the most beautiful Southeast Asian country whose capital city is Hanoi. This beautiful country shares its boundaries with China on the north side, Laos and Cambodia on the western side and the remaining sides it touches the sea. The total area covered by Vietnam is around 331,210 Sq.Km.

This beautiful country is also known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, and many more amazing natural places.


Some of the beautiful natural places in Vietnam are Cat Ba, Da Lat, Phu Quoc Island, Ha Giang Province, The Mekong Delta, Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, and many more.

Sa Pa is one of the most beautiful natural scenery of Vietnam and Halong Bay has also been listed in world heritage sites by its beauty since 1994 which can attract anyone easily. Vietnam is also one of the most noticeable tourist areas in the world.

5. Canada


Canada is a beautiful North American country whose capital city is Ottawa. Canada shares its boundary with the US on the south side and Greenland on the Northside and one of the US states (Alaska) touches some part of Canada from the Westside and the Remaining part of Canada shares its boundary with the ocean.

It covered an area of 9.98 Million Sq.Km and it is the world’s second-largest country in the area. This largest country is also gifted so much by natural beauties. Canada is full of natural beauties like lakes, forests, hills and mountains, rivers, spring and many others.


Some of the natural beauties in Canada are Auyuittuq National Park- Nunavut, Lake Louise, James Bruce Falls, L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Big Muddy Badlands & the OutLaw Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park, Tofino, Vancouver Island, Muskwa- Kechika Management Area, Whale Watching on the southwest coast, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and many more.

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It is famous because of its natural, cultural, and recreational variety. Once you visit Canada you will get lifetime experience in adventures.

4. France


France is also the most beautiful country in the world which is located in southern Europe and the capital city of France is Paris.

This beautiful country shares its boundary with Germany, Switzerland, and Italy from the east side, Belgium and Luxembourg from the Northside and Spain from the south and other sides of the country are touched by sea and ocean. The total area covered by France is 640,679 Sq.Km.

France is also one of the richest countries in natural resources and the beauty of France attracts everyone. Some of the naturally beautiful places in France are Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Dru, Gorges du Verdon, Côte de Granit Rose, Etretat Cliffs, Scandola Nature Reserve, Pont d’Arc, Pic du Midi d’Orsay, The Camargue salt Flats, Aiguilles de Bavella, etc.


The Camargue Salt Flats is one of the major tourist attraction in France which is located in western France which surprise everyone in the worlds. It is the largest river in western France and the color of the water is pink and red which is amazing.

Etretat Cliffs are located in Normandy town and are also the most beautiful place in France. Resort and beach in this place attract many painters, artists, writers, and many common people by its beauty.

France is also rich in art and culture with remarkable architectural heritage and diversity of landscape. Many people in the world visit France every year.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is the beautiful sovereign Island country that is located in the southwestern pacific ocean. Its capital city is Wellington. The total area of this beautiful nation is 268,021 Sq. Km. New Zealand is surrounded on all sides by the ocean and its neighbor country is Australia.

In natural resources, New Zealand is also the richest country in the world. There are many wonderful natural places to visit in New Zealand.

Some of them are Malford sound, Champagne Pools, Waitomo Glowworms, The Blue Pools, Pancake Rocks, Moeraki Boulders, Tane Mahuta forest, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Split Apple Rock, Lake Matheson, Browne Falls etc.

Tongariro National Park is one of the naturally beautiful places in New Zealand along with Fiordland National Park and is the best one-day trekking place in the world with some wonderful scenes of nature.

New Zealand

The blue pools in Haast pass are also one of the beautiful natural places in New Zealand which can attract anyone easily by its beauty. The whole natural beauty of New Zealand which mentioned above can attract tourists easily and win their hearts for a lifetime.

2. Maldives


The Maldives is the most beautiful country which is located at the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean and its capital city is Male. This beautiful country is surrounded by the ocean on all sides. The total area of this country is 298 Sq. Km. The neighboring countries of Maldives are Sri Lanka and India.

The Maldives is the beautiful South Asian island country that attracts anyone in the world by its natural beautiful hundreds of islands and by its beautiful nature. Every year many tourists from different countries visit this beautiful island country.

Maldives has many top-rated natural places to visit like, Utheemu, Marathon, Baros Island, Veligandu Island, Banana Reef, Thulusdhoo Island, Fuvahmulah, Alimatha Island, Hithadhoo, Kuredu, Gan, Kunfunadhoo Island, male and many more. If you are looking for a peaceful place in nature, Baros Island is the best natural place with luxury resorts in the Maldives.


Huvahendhoo Island is also one of the beautiful and peaceful islands in the Maldives with calm water. In this place, you can go with your family and spend some beautiful time with your family in peaceful nature.

In all over the Maldives is a small island country that is fully decorated by nature. People should visit the Maldives at least once in their whole life.

1. Switzerland


Switzerland is the most beautiful country which is located in the southern central part of Europe. Its capital city is Bern. Switzerland is a totally landlocked country and it shares its boundary with France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. The total area covered by this beautiful country is 41,285

Switzerland is one of the topmost beautiful countries in the world. The natural beauty of Switzerland attracts everyone in the world.

Some of the beautiful places in Switzerland are Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch ( Also known as The Top of Europe), Interlaken, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon, St. Moritz, Bern, Lake Lugano, and Ticino, Zurich, the Rhine Falls, Swiss national park, Oberhofen Castle, Swiss Grand Canyon and many more.

These are some of the major natural and top-rated tourist places of Switzerland and these natural beauties of Switzerland can win everyone’s hearts.


Matterhorn is one of the beautiful places in Switzerland which is located on the border side of Italy and is also regarded as one of the highest peaks in the Alps and the height of this peak is 4,478 m.

Switzerland also has Jungfraujoch which is also known as the top mountain of Europe and its height is 3,454 m. Great Aletsch Glacier ( known as the longest glacier in Europe ) begins at  Jungfraujoch and this place is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Interlaken which is also known as the most popular summer holiday Resort in Switzerland, Lake Geneva is also known as the largest Alpine lake of Europe, The Rhine Falls ( 150m.) is the largest falls located in the center of Europe, Swiss national park which is the oldest reserve in the Alps and covered 170 Sq. km.

There are many more other places in Switzerland can attract any tourists easily by its natural beauty. People of any country must visit Switzerland’s natural beauty at least once in their lifetime for natural adventures.

Final Words

These are the most natural beautiful countries in the world on our list. It is hard to decide which country is richer in natural beauties. We know the whole world is the gift of nature. Many countries in the world which we did not place in this list also have a beautiful nature and climate.

Some of them are Norway, Spain, Iceland, Mexico, Australia, Greece, Kenya, Finland, Thailand, Austria, Portugal, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, United States, etc. In your opinion, Which is the most naturally beautiful country in the world? Leave a comment in the comment box below this article. 


Which countries have the most beautiful nature?

Switzerland has most beautiful nature in the world with beautiful mountains, lakes, greenery forests, waterfalls and many more.

What is the most scenic country?

New Zealand has the most scenic country as it has green landscapes, breathtaking views, iconic places and many more to visit.

Which country map is most beautiful?

Italy is considered to have most beautiful map in the world as it has the high heel boot with fur at the top.

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