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Brain Training For Dogs Review [2022] – Does It Really Works?

Do you love dogs? Almost everybody will say that they love dogs because they are super intelligent animals and they understand human feelings best. 

They know whether their master is in trouble or not or whether he is in a good mood right now or not. They are also 100% loyal. 

If you put all this aside, pet dogs also have some problems. You will better understand me if you have any dog in your house. These problems can be behavioral or related to sleep, food, body, or anything else.

And due to these problems, you might get in a lot of trouble and you can’t really play with your dogs. But now don’t worry about it, we are going to discuss all these in this Brain Training For Dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs is one of the best courses related to dogs training in the market. We have also used this course and we were really surprised by seeing the changes in our dog after this course. So, let’s get started. 

What is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs is a force free training program for dogs which will help you to eliminate your dog’s bad behavior and create your dream dog with well-behaved and obedient characteristics.

With the help of the Brain Training For Dogs course, you can increase the thinking capacity of your dogs and intelligence also gets increased. 

Who Created Brain Training For Dogs Program?

Before buying any course, it is very important to know about the author of that course, as looking for a solution to your problem online might get you in various scams.

But, you don’t have to worry about it as Adrienne Farricelli is the creator of this awesome Brain Training For Dogs program. She is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer who has been helping people to eradicate bad behaviors from their dogs and train them to make well behaved, obedient and loving pets. 

While helping thousands of dog owners who are struggling all around the world, Adrienne also provides training to service dogs for military veterans. Also, she is an enthusiastic writer who has written various articles for Daily Puppy, eHow, and PawNation. She also got featured in Every Dog and USA Today magazine. 

All this information about the author might be enough for you to move forward with this program, but you can also find a lot more about her if you want to know more. 

Who Needs Brain Training For Dogs?

You need this awesome program if you match any of the following criteria. If your dog

  • doesn’t listen to you
  • barks uncontrollably
  • is pulling on the leash
  • is aggressive
  • is digging all the time

This program is also very helpful if you want to train a new puppy, want a dog who obeys you, and want to have a better bond with your dog. 

How Does Brain Training For Dogs Work?

This program is all about creating strong bonding and trust with your dog that you will share with him when you get into the training phase. 

At first, you need to be patient and after some time, you will start noticing changes in your dog’s behavior. But for it first, you need to gain your dog’s trust. You can gain your dog’s trust by giving him/her rewards and praises when he does something for you.

Brain Training for Dogs is all about that. It teaches how you can do all this? It helps you build trust in your dogs to make him/her follow your command. 

What Inside’s Brain Training For Dogs?

We actually liked the format of this course as it is divided into 7 different modules using a school setup. You will easily understand what to do because all the instructions are presented in an easy and clear way.

In this program, your dog will learn the basic things in the first level and the lessons in other modules will keep getting harder as you level up. So let’s find out what is in the modules in brief.


It is the foundation of the whole course where your dog will learn to unlock his awesome brain power to become very obedient to your command. By the end of this module, you will be able to keep your dog’s attention and also make them shift their focus on something else. 

It also includes fun activities like “magic little way”, “target train”, and “airplane game” to get your dog to look into your eye, keep their attention, and pay attention.


Once your dog has mastered all the basics then you can start Module 2 to improve his skills and use his senses to complete your commands. 

Here, it has fun activities like “the ball pit game”, “treasure hunt game”, and “the muffin game” which helps to drain your dog’s energy, and keep him mentally stimulated and out of trouble.


After elementary school comes to high school where your dog will learn about patience and impulse control. This module contains activities such as “jazz up and settle down” which teaches your dog to settle quickly after being hyped up, and “the bottle game” which help to provide mental stimulation and a small amount of exercise.


In this module, you will develop your dog’s ability to concentrate on your commands. It includes games such as “shell game” which helps to develop mental agility of dogs, “open sesame game” which helps to develop calmness and patience, and “magic carpet game” which helps to develop dexterity.


In this module, you will be introduced to more advanced concepts which will help to develop your dog’s patience and intelligence with the help of games like “hide and seek”

Other than “hide and seek game”, there are “look at that game”, and “hot and cold game”. These games will help to stop dogs barking at people or other dogs, and boost your dog’s ability to build his confidence.


Here your dog will learn to develop advanced level intelligence and motor skills so that he can easily obey your commands. It contains games like “serpentines and spirals”, “name recognition”, and “advanced leg-weaving skills” which helps your dogs to stick by your side, and to pick out toys by their name.


This is the final level also called ‘genius level’. In this level, your dog will develop skill and patience, and can tidy up after he finished playing with the help of “tidy up game”, “ring stackers game”, and “play the piano game”.

Other than this, you will also get:

  • 7 trick training videos: It will teach your dog how to cover his/her eyes, to take a bow, shake hands, play dead, howl, dance, and roll over.
  • Obedience 101 training: It will teach you to use food rewards in a positive way along with basic obedience commands.
  • Polishing up your training: It helps to learn how to maintain your dog’s attention with or without food rewards and helps you polish up the training.
  • Adrienne’s Archive: You will get a lot of training articles that are written by Adrienne Farricelli that can be very insightful.
  • A private forum: Here you can connect with other members from all around the world and ask questions if you are having some difficulty while training your dog.


Pros And Cons


  • Very easy to read and understand with loads of videos and pictures.
  • Affordable.
  • Force-free methods.
  • Offer money-back guarantees.
  • Can submit questions directly to Adrienne.


  • Require some supplies to buy but most of them can be found in your home.
  • A lot to read, so it might seem a bit too much for those who don’t have a reading habit

Pricing of the Brain Training For Dogs

This awesome course will not cost you much as you can get it in just $47 which is way less compared to the money we give to the local dog trainers or consultants. 

This price is perfect for the course of this level as they also offer a free bonus course “behavior training for dogs” which helps you to understand the dog’s most common behavior problems. Plus, this course also has a 60 days risk-free money-back guarantee. 

Do We Recommend the Brain Training For Dogs Course?

Yes, we definitely recommend this course if you want to fix your dog’s behavioral issues or teach them some new tricks. 

This course will be very helpful to you as each game in it is designed to be mentally stimulating. And the price also seems very reasonable as it covers all bases for beginner dog training.

Final Words

We hope you now clearly know whether this course is something that you want to try or not after reading this Brain Training For Dogs review. This course contains all the information that you need to improve your dog’s bad behavior. 

This course proved to be a game-changer because Adrienne has shared all her knowledge and modern training techniques in this program that she has learned over her 10-year-old professional dog training career

So that’s it, guys. Hope you like our Brain Training For Dogs review. If you have any questions or queries then you can ask us in the comment section. We will try hard to answer all your questions. 

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