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Top 10 Hardest NES Games

Video Games are all of our favorites. Everyone loves to play video games. In the 90’s, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was very popular among video game lover’s. At that time many of the video games were developed for NES. The NES was one of the best home video game consoles at that time. 

NES gave the best of the best video games at that time and became very popular in the 90’s. As a video game lover, we always look for challenging missions in the game. We become crazy when playing challenging games. Nintendo has launched many hard games, which have become popular among video gamers. Today, I will present the top 10 hardest NES games. 

Here is list of the top 10 hardest NES games:

10. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a role playing video game which was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. This video game was published and developed by Square Enix and first launched in 1987. This game runs on almost all platforms i.e.; Android, iOS, Window, PlayStation and many more.

The best part of this game is the different characters that we play inside in the game. This is the hardest NES game worth playing and the latest release of this game was on April 10, 2020.

This game covers all aspects of video games like; action, shooting, racing & tactical. These all things make this game very hard among other NES games.

9. The Adventures of Bayou Billy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy is the full action video game which was developed and published by Konami on August 12, 1988.

At the beginning, it was released in Japan only. Later on January 24, 1991 it was released for North America also. This hardest video game only runs on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). 

The Adventures of Bayou Billy is a side Scrolling game containing a full package of action which makes this game very hard to play. We can only play this in single player mode. The wide variety of action makes this game the hardest among the NES games.

8. Mega Man

Mega Man

Mega Man is a Japanese video game series which is also known as Rockman. This is a science fiction video game that contains action, puzzle, role playing which makes the game very hard to play. This game was developed & Published by Capcom in 1987 for NES. 

The Mega man series contains eleven main games. This is the very first game in a series that was expanded over 50 multiple systems.

According to the recorded data, more than 37 million units of this game series were sold worldwide. The latest release of this game series was Rockman X Dive on 24th March, 2020.

7. Ghosts and Goblins

Ghosts and Goblins

Ghosts and Goblins is one of the popular games launched on July 7, 1985. This is the run and gun video game series which is developed by Capcom and created by Tokuro Fujiwara. The series of this video game has been frequently released for various platforms.  

The latest release of this video game series was Ghosts and Goblins Resurrection on February 25, 2021. This video game is also one of the hardest nes game of all time and is the 13th best selling game of Capcom. 

6. The Immortal

The Immortal

The Immortal is an action adventure video game which was first launched in November 1990. This video game was originally created for Apple IIGS and later, created for other gaming platforms.

The Immortal game was developed by Will Harvey and Published by Electronic Arts. This is one of the single player mode hardest video games worth playing. 

This video game begins with an unnamed wizard and has a high degree of graphic violence. This popular NES game was re-release in July 15, 2020 by Nintendo Entertainment System.  

5. Paperboy


Paperboy is also one of the most popular and hardest games which was released in February, 1985. Paperboy is an action video game developed by Atari games and Midway games. This game has basically 3 modes ie; single-player, 2 players & alternating turns.

Paperboy is the story of a boy who delivers a paper to his subscribers. The game has 3 difficulty levels; East Street, Middle Road, and Hard way. If the Player is unable to reach the subscriber house to give the paper, the game ends.

The storyline of this game looks simple but the many players failed to pass all missions in the game that’s why it’s on the list of hardest NES games of all time. 

4. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Castlevania: III Dracula’s Curse

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is the third video game of the Castlevania series. This is an action-adventure video game produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Later, it was released for other gaming platforms. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse was Developed and Published by Konami in 1989 in Japan.    

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is a single-player action video game. The gameplay is about choosing the paths from two branches and the player can obtain the multiple ending according to their choice. This one is also one of the hardest NES games worth playing. 

3. Battletoads 


Battletoads is also one of the hardest NES Video games which was developed by Rare on June 1, 1991. Battletoads is a Scrolling action video game and it was first published by Masaya. This is a video game series that has multiple games. Every game in the series has a different story of gameplay. 

We can play Battletoads on a variety of platforms like; NES, LCD game, Game Boy, Ms Window, Xbox Series and many more. The latest release of this game was on August 20, 2020. This game is one of the most popular and hardest games of all time.

2. Fester’s Quest

Fester’s Quest

Fester’s Quest is also one of the famous run and gun adventure games for Nintendo Entertainment System. This video game is based on the television series The Addams Family. This adventure game was developed and published by Sunsoft in 1989. Fester’s Quest has single-player mode only.

Fester’s Quest video game is also known as Uncle Fester’s Quest. This shooting game takes place in three areas. Ie; the streets, the sewers, and the UFO Platform. This is one of the most horrible video games of the NES and is one of the hardest games to play also. 

1. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is also one of the best scrolling shooter games which was developed by software creations and published by Arcadia Systems. This game was developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System in November 1990. This game has single-player mode only.  

This game is based on the Marvel comics character silver surfer. Players have to control the character Silver Surfer in different levels. The gameplay looks quite simple but it is hard to pass each stage of the game. Each level is very difficult to win, so it is the hardest NES Game ever in our list. 

Final Words

At last I wanna ask you just one question, which is your favourite NES game? I hope you enjoyed this content. There may be some other games which are not mentioned in this list and Also comment down below, which is the Hardest games that you have ever played? Have a Great Time.  

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