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Top 10 Best Animes to Watch in 2020

Are you a die-hard fan of anime? If yes then you will definitely love this article because in this article we will discuss some of the best animes to watch. There are various animes produced and released every year all over the world. The first Japanese animation was released in 1917.

We have been watching and enjoying these Japanese anime series ever since the 1980’s when these anime began to get more popularity outside of Japan. There are many anime series that have been produced till now.

So, after exploring and enjoying these anime for decades and after checking the rankings of these anime in other famous anime websites, we have come up with our list of the top 10 best anime series to watch.

Here is the list of the top 10 best animes to watch in 2020:

10. Naruto

Naruto 10th best anime to watch in 2020
  • Release date: February 15, 2007
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts
  • IMDB Rating:  8.3

Naruto is a Japanese manga series that was written by Masahi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha. It was developed by Pierrot studio and originally network by TXN. The series was aired on October 3, 2002, and there are 9 seasons with 500 episodes. There are 250 million copies worldwide in 46 countries which makes the fourth best-selling manga series in history.  

The story starts with a hidden village called Konoha where a great demon fox lived there who had nine tails if he swung one tail tsunami occurred. The people were so frightened by the fox so the fourth Hokage sealed the demon fox inside a boy in exchange for his own life.

Naruto was that boy so villager things that he himself was the demon fox and hated him but the naruto dream was to become a Hokage. Naruto English translations appeared in The New York Times and USA Today as the bestseller list. Naruto becomes one of the best animes to watch.

9. One Piece: Wan Pisu

One Piece: Wan Pisu 9th best anime to watch in 2020
One Piece: Wan Pisu
  • Release date: February 15, 2007
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts
  • IMDB Rating:  8.3

One piece: Wan Pisu is a Japanese anime television series that was adapted from the manga by Eiichiro Oda and written by Junki Takegami, Hirohiko Uesaka, and shoji Yonemura. The anime series was developed by Toei Animation and the music was given by Kohei Tanaka and Shiro Hamaguchi.

In 2016 the series got 1.9 million expressions which makes it the year’s most popular anime and 14th most popular TV show. There are 931 episodes altogether and it was certified by the Australian PG and United Kingdom PG.

The plot of the series is like there is one pirate named Gol D. Roger which obtained fame, wealth, and power to earn the title of pirate king. When he was arrested he revealed that One Piece which is treasure was hidden somewhere at the Grand Line but nobody found that. After the death of Gol D Roger one boy named Monkey D Luffy decided to found that treasure and become the next pirate king.

8. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z 8th best anime to watch in 2020
Dragon Ball Z
  • Release date: April 26, 1989
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts
  • IMDB Rating:  8.7

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series that was produced by Toei Animation and Written by Takao Koyama. The series was originally aired on April 26, 1989, to 2003 and there are altogether 16 seasons with 291 episodes. The voice casts of the dragon ball Z are Christopher Sabat as Piccolo, Sean Schemmel as Goku, Kyle Hebert as the Narrator, and Sonny Strait as Krillin. It was broadcast in at least 81 countries worldwide and originally aired on Fuji TV in Japan. 

The storyline of the series is that the story begins in the mid-way through the dragon ball Z series. Raditz, who is the brother of Goku, has traveled to the Earth to find out why his brother has not destroyed the planet yet that he was supposed to do. Goku forgot his real mission and Goku’s battle with his Raditzs along with Piccolo and friend Krillin.

At last, Goku dies and reveals that two evil Saiyans who are more powerful then he was being on the way to Earth. All the remaining fighters are in the training to defeat the Saiyans and in the training Piccolo found his new power. Dragon Ball Z is considered one of the best anime which you will surely watch in 2020.

7. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 7th best anime to watch in 2020
Attack on Titan
  • Release date: April 7, 2013
  • Genre: Action, Dark fantasy, and Post-apocalyptic
  • IMDB Rating:  8.8

Attack on Titan is a Japanese Action, dark fantasy anime television series that was written by Yasuko Kobayashi and Hiroshi Seko and developed by the Wit studio. There are altogether 4 seasons whose first season was aired on April 7, 2013, and have 59 episodes altogether. There is also Movie of these anime which was written by Yasuko Kobayashi with Runtime 120 minutes each. 

The storyline of this anime is that of a giant creature called Titan who was nearly exterminated by Humans. Titan has no intelligence, tall and devours human beings as a food source. People of that reason make extremely high walls to protect the city so they have not seen a titan in over 100 Years.

Eren is one of the teenage characters of the anime and his foster sister Mikasa where they are aware of horrific events happening in the titan. Eron kills all the titans and takes revenge for all of mankind. The soundtrack is so good that you will start feeling patriotism for an imaginary country and have important topics like freedom.

6. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate 6th best anime to watch in 2020
Steins; Gate
  • Release date: October 15, 2009
  • Genre: Psychological thriller, Science fiction
  • IMDB Rating:  8.8

Steins; Gate is an anime television series created by the animation studio White Fox which was released on April 6, 2011. The anime series Directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, Takuya Sato, and Tomoki Kobayashi and Written by Jukki Hanada, Naotaka Hayashi, and Tatsuya Matsubara.

It was licensed by Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom, Madman Entertainment in Australia.The Steins; Gate is an adaptation of the visual novel which was set in 2010 in Akihabara Tokyo. Okabe Rintarou is one of the main characters of the anime who refers to himself as the crazy Mad Scientist Houounin Kyouma.

They are working on a microwave device that can transfer messages to the past without getting captured. They are doing this in order to beat the evil organization, SERN, and stop their evil plan. The voices of Rintarou Okabe, Kana Hanazawa, Asami Imai are given by Mamoru Miyano, Kana Hanazawa, and Asami.

5. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter 5th best anime to watch in 2020
Hunter X Hunter
  • Release date: October 2, 2011
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts
  • IMDB Rating:  8.9

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga series that was produced by Ken Hagino and Tetsuo Daitoku and developed by the Pierrot Studio. The series was written by Hiroshi Hashimoto and Directed by Noriyuki Abe. There are altogether 148 episodes that were originally run from October 2, 2011 – September 24, 2014, and the music was given by Nippon Animation. It is one of Shueisha’s best-selling manga series with 78 million copies in circulation as of 2019 November. 

The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss who wants to become a professional Hunter and leaves the whale Island at a young age. People told him that her father was dead but he is still alive somewhere as a top Hunter and risking his life to seek unknown items, such as curiosa, exotic living creatures, and hidden treasure.

To be a professional Hunter Gon Freecss must pass the Hunter Examination where he meets Kurapika, Killua, and Leorio as the other applicants. Did Gon pass the hunter examination and become the best hunter in the world? to see that you need to watch Hunter X Hunter. Erica Mendez, Mariya Ise, Erika Harlacher gave the voice of Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Erika Harlacher.

4. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop 4th best anime to watch in 2020
Cowboy Bebop
  • Release date: April 3, 1998
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Action fiction
  • IMDB Rating:  8.9

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese anime science-fiction television series that was produced by Masahiko Minami and Kazuhiko lkeguchi and developed by Sunrise studio. It was aired originally on TV Tokyo broadcast on April 3, 1998, to June 26, 1998, later on, Wowow broadcast to get the license.

There are a total of 26 episodes altogether till now but the production team is trying hard to bring new episodes. The anime series was dubbed in the English language by Animaze and ZRO limit production in 2001. 

Cowboy Bebop story is in the year 2071 where the solar system is linked by a network of hyperspace gateways. It is the Jazz-inspired genre-bending story of spike spiegel, jet black, Faye Valentine, and Radical Ed where all are the crew of bounty hunters.

The main aim of the bounty hunter is to hunt down the solar system’s most dangerous criminals. The anime series characters were created by character designer Watanabe and Toshihiro Kawamoto. Koichi Yamadera gave the voice of Spike Spiegel and Unsho Ishizuka gave the voice of the jet black.

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man 3rd best anime to watch in 2020
One Punch Man
  • Release date: 2015 and 2019
  • Genre: Action, comedy, superhero
  • IMDB Rating: 8.8

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero that was originally run on October 5, 2015, to present and published by self-published. It was written by Tomohiro Suzuki and created by Madhouse first season later on J.C staff with Chikara Sakurai as director. The series English released nominated for a Harvey Award in 2016 and an Eisner Award in 2015.

One Punch Man has 2 seasons with 24 episodes in 1st season and 12 episodes in 2nd season. The plot of the series is like Saitama, one superhero in the series who defeats any enemy with a single punch. Saitama wants to take revenge with Cyborg who killed his father and destroyed his hometown. Saitama lost hair during intense training so the character is bald actually.

The series breaks away from the traditional plot of the main superhero who needs to be stronger in order to beat a foe. There is also a great amount of comedy in this series due to his ridiculous power and boring look sp audience can enjoy. It is one of the best anime to watch in 2020 which has comedy, action and a great plot.

2. Death Note

Death Note 2nd best anime to watch in 2020
Death Note
  • Release date: October 3, 2006
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological thriller, Supernatural thriller 
  • IMDB Rating: 9.0

Death Note is a Japanese manga series that was produced by Tosship Nakatani, Manabu Tamura, and Masao Maruyama and Directed by Tetsuro Araki. The series was developed by Madhouse and has 37 episodes which were aired on October 3, 2006, to June 26, 2007.

Death note had sold over 30 million copies and the English network licensed gained by YTV’s Bionic anime block in Canada, Adult Swim in the United States with DVD released following. The story follows Light Yagami ( a high school girl) who discovers a supernatural notebook that has deadly power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. The book’s name is  Death Note which belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk and grants.

The music composers of the series are Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi and the first original soundtrack released in Japan on December 21, 2006. There is the Death Note video game inspired by this series which was released on February 15, 2007.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood one of the top best anime to watch in 2020
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Release date: 5 April 2009
  • Genre: Adventure fiction, steampunk, dark fantasy
  • IMDB Rating: 9.1

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a Japanese anime television series that was produced by bones studio and directed by Yasuhiro Irie. Fullmetal Alchemist was adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and written by Hiroshi Onogi.

Firstly the series was licensed in North America by Funimation and then lost the right to series in March 2016 which was gained by Aniplex of America. The series was originally run on April 5, 2009, to July 4, 2010, and has 64 episodes.

Fullmetal Alchemist plot was two brothers of a maestros country lost their mother after losing their mother they try to resurrect her using alchemy. The brother’s name was Edward and Alphonse when they tried to revive their mother they failed which caused Edward to lose his left leg and Alphonse’s entire body.

Edward joins the military in hopes of finding the philosopher’s stone which could return their lost bodies and later on series follow the story of the manga. The voice of Edward and Alphonse was done by the voice actresses Romi Park and Rie Kugimiya.

Final Words

So that’s it, guys. We hope that you enjoy reading this article about the top 10 best animes to watch. If you enjoy watching animes and if you don’t have watched any of the animes listed above then we strongly recommend you to watch it because these are the best animes and don’t forget to comment down your favourite animes in the comment box.

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